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The Joe Manifesto

Writer/Director: Gregory Pakis

Producer: Julian Vincent Costanzo

Genre: Drama

Stars: Gregory Pakis, Chloe Gardner, Fiona Macys, Nancy Finn

Approaching his mid-thirties and reluctantly engaged, bored office worker Joe meets the outlandish job and partner swapping Vee, who inspires Joe to be 100% honest in his life.


Joe works an office job and is engaged to his lovely fiancé, Marg. However, sexual adventure and self-expression are lacking in Joe's life. When a compelling co-worker, Vee crosses Joe's path he is tempted towards her wild ways of job and partner swapping.


Joe is inspired by the credos contained in a booklet she calls her 'manifesto' which emphasizes being honest and impulsive in life. Joe soon breaks off with his fiancé, gets a job demotion, and starts telling people what he really thinks of them.


His life soon becomes the chaotic adventure he sought, but when he realizes he has taken it too far, Joe has to figure out a way to put his life back together again.

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