Out Now

I'm Wanita


Running Time: 88 minutes
Rating: MA 15+

Director: Matthew Walker

Producers: Carlina Sorensen, Clare Lewis,

Tait Brady

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Hot Docs, MIFF, Nashville, Sydney, Cinefest Oz, Raindance, Calgary & New Orleans International Film Festivals 2021

WANITA CD cover art.jpg

Wanita's new album

out now on vinyl, digital, and CD,

via Cheer Squad Records 


I’m Wanita is the story of a chaotic, flamboyant force of nature & her lifelong odyssey to realise her childhood dream.

Based in Australia’s ‘Country Music Capital’, Tamworth,  Wanita (self-dubbed as "Australia's Queen Of Honky Tonk") lives her own unique version of the rough-talking, hard-drinking, country music lifestyle. Devoted to the sound & personalities of classic country and clearly "born in the wrong era", Wanita commits to walk in the footsteps of her honkytonk idols by recording in Nashville. 


Using a combination of observational, on-the-run interviews & live performance, the film follows Wanita over a tumultuous five years as she tries to redirect her reckless life to fulfill her potential & have one last stab at her dream - before it’s too late. 

"Filled with fabulous music and blessed with an insanely watchable central figure....if Loretta Lynn & Janis Joplin had a baby, it might just be the immensely talented and wildly complicated subject of "I'M WANITA"