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RICKY! The Movie

“In the future everyone will be famous for 15 mins”

~ Andy Warhol

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Director: Liam Firmager

Producers: Josie Parrelli, Liam Firmager

Genre: Mockumentary

Stars: Peter Donelly, Jeff Telford, Georgia Sinclair, Liana Kriemer, Dennis Coard

The 80’s were known as the decade of shoulder pads, robot dancing, Pac man and who shot JR? But there were many cultural phenomenas that occurred during this celebrated decade that have since been forgotten in the sands of time. One of them was a pop star named ‘Ricky T’.


In 1983, musical prodigy ‘Ricky T’ scored a national top 20 electro pop hit called ‘Candy land’. Ricky had everything that makes a pop star. Talent, Money, Fame, Success, Groupies.... well, almost everything. Ricky was never able to score that elusive second hit.


When Ricky first appeared, he was hailed as the next big thing. Everyone who was anyone had an opinion on Ricky. But fame can be a fickle mistress.

Just 5 years later Ricky hit rock bottom and became just another statistic. Yesterday’s hero. Another one hit wonder fading slowly into obscurity.


Everything went silent for Ricky T...Until now. In 2010 after 20 years out of the spotlight, Ricky made a surprise comeback, with the most unexpected results.


A documentary team was commissioned to follow his progress, along the way meeting the people and artists that were touched by

the life & enigma that was ‘Ricky!-T’

Featuring: Ron Jeremy, Barry Crocker, Normie Rowe, Dave O'Neil, Elliot Easton, Greg Evans & many more!


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