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Defend Conserve Protect

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Director: Stephen Amis

Writer: Stephen Amis

Producers: Stephen Amis, Jeff Hansen, Omar Todd

Genre: Documentary

It’s the most critical time in human history - where humans are at war with each other trying to protect and conserve the planet’s dwindling natural resources,

or consume them at an alarming rate.

Set far from the world’s eyes in Antarctica, the most inhospitable environment on
Earth, the Japanese so called “Research” fleet are openly commercially harvesting
thousands of whales in the world’s only international Whale Sanctuary. On the one
hand is, Sea Shepherd, a volunteer guerrilla navy funded by the citizens of the world - and on the other - the Japanese Whaling Fleet, hell-bent on harvesting protected Minke whales.

With never before seen footage that goes far beyond reality TV series such as Whale Wars, and featuring Dan Aykroyd (The Blues Brothers/Ghost Busters/Driving
Miss Daisy), Defend, Conserve, Protect, is shot from the point of view of young,
international Sea Shepherd crew members, along with unprecedented underwater access to MINKE WHALE PODS.

Defend, Conserve, Protect is an empowering documentary photographed in the most pristine and ferocious places on Earth. We get up close and personal with these whales, uniquely voiced by Dan Aykroyd, and watch with awe, horror and empathy as they swim South to Antarctica on an impending collision course with man.


With striking images of ships colliding, whales being killed with exploding harpoons,
and incredibly brave young people standing up for what they believe in, Defend,
Conserve, Protect, creates an unfolding sense of drama that will have audiences on
the edge of their seats.



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