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Being Frank

The Chris Sievey Story

Steve Sullivan’s debut feature documentary 

Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story tells a twisted tale of split personalities. 


in Australia & NZ


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Running Time: 105 minutes
Rating: M

Director: Steve Sullivan

Producer: Steve Sullivan

Genre: Documentary

Piece of Cardboard Productions

in association with Ffilm Cymru Wales, 104 Films & Fat Controller Management Ltd

The film explores the extraordinary secret life of artist Chris Sievey, best known as his alter ego Frank Sidebottom, the maverick Manchester comedian in a papier mâché head.


Chris Sievey was a songwriter, artist, comedian and wayward genius. A man whose life was a fantastic, subversive piece of performance art.


His greatest creation, the mysterious Frank Sidebottom becomes a star – a manic, insane, mercurial star who obscures his own creator – playing at Wembley Stadium, getting his TV show and building an army of fans. 


Chris grows to resent his creation and descends into alcoholism and bankruptcy, but his genius cannot survive without ‘Being Frank’. So Chris devises a master plan…

“A wonderful ode to the unique mind and artistry that birthed Frank Sidebottom”

– Glide Magazine


A pop-culture outsider gets his colorful due.” – Hollywood Reporter


“I was absolutely riveted by this film.” – Cultured Vultures


“Being Frank” has the fascination of an enduring pop footnote, and it could be the kind

of cult film that “Frank” wasn’t.” – Variety


Moving and funny with amazing archive. Reminds me of The Devil and Daniel Johnson.”

– Jon Ronson

“I was thoroughly entertained and moved by this documentary. I highly recommend it.”

– Susan Sarandon


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