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"One hell of a powerful movie..."

— Graeme Blundell

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Director: Dean Francis

Writer / Producers: Stephen Davis & Dean Francis

Genre: Drama

Stars: Matt Levett, Harry Cook, Jack Matthews

Drown is the explosive independently-made feature

by Writer/Director Dean Francis.


Violence, jealousy, desire and what it takes to hide who you are—Drown is a bold and intense ride into the cloistered world of competitive surf lifesaving and the destructive relationship between a champion and his new rival.

“A film made with such ferocious intensity that it can’t be dismissed or ignored.”

— Cinema Junkie




Len is a Surf Lifesaving champion in the cloistered surf club just like his father. But when the younger, fitter Phil arrives at the club, Len’s legendary status starts to crumble. Then Len sees Phil in the company of another man. Phil is gay. Over the summer, Len forms unexpected, confusing feelings for Phil.


When Phil de-thrones Len at the annual surf competition, Len and his buddy Meat take Phil out on an intoxicated bender through the seedy city. Jealousy, homophobic fear and unrequited lust culminate in a tragic late night trip back to beach where Len seeks total oblivion.

Event Basement Screenings were held in Surry Hills, Sydney throughout August & September 2016.


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