A Guide To Dating

At The End Of The World

Running Time: 80 minutes
Rating: M

Writer, Director & Producer: Samuel Gay

Starring: Kerith Atkinson, Tony Brockman

& Jacki Mison

Producers: Tait Brady, Raquelle David

A single woman survives the apocalypse only to

be reacquainted with a blind date from hell.

Based on true events.
Kind of…

Alex meets John on a blind date, and declares she would not see him ever again, even if he was the last man on earth! The next day Alex wakes up to find that a scientific experiment seems to have wiped out the rest of humanity. Neither of them can understand why they are the only people left on the planet, until 'the other woman' enters the scene, who not only knows why they have survived, but has a plan to bring everyone back.


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