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"Couldn't be enjoyable curiosity."

— NY Times


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Lucky Stiff

Director: Christopher Ashely

Writers: Lynn Ahrens, Michael Butterworth
Music by: Stephen Flaherty

Genre: Musical Comedy

Stars: Jason Alexander, Pamela Shaw, Dominic Marsh

Madness, mutts, mayhem, mystery, Monte Carlo and murder!

From the prolific Broadway team behind musical hits like Ragtime, Seussical, and Rocky The Musical comes this romping good time starring Jason Alexander which has entertained audiences on the stage for 30 years.

A bachelor travels to Monte Carlo to claim an inheritance from his late rich uncle.



Based on the Broadway hit, LUCKY STIFF is an hysterical musical comedy with a romantic heart centered on Harry, a young, down-and-out British shoe salesman who takes his dead uncle on a trip to Monte Carlo in a madcap attempt to fulfill the requirements of a will that would bequeath him $6 million. If Harry fulfills Uncle Tony’s request to the letter, the inheritance is his—if he doesn't, the money will go to the dogs. Literally!


As Harry races from casino to nightclub to beach to bedroom with his dead Uncle, he is chased by Tony’s trigger-happy, controlling mistress, Rita, and her desperate, put-upon optometrist brother Vinnie. Also in on the scam are Luigi, a mysterious Italian playboy; and Annabel, a young woman from Brooklyn set on getting that money for the dogs. Guns go off, disguises go on, champagne corks pop, romance blossoms, dogs bark, and of course - everyone sings!


The film adaptation of the long-running show by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, LUCKY STIFF is a zany, frothy, fast-paced musical farce with a very happy ending.

Released on DVD & digital in Australia on August 9, 2016. 

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