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“Pitch-black… a smart, slow burn movie…razor-sharp, darkly funny and tense.”



Brothers' Nest

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Boys enter house (graded)
Jeff (Clayton) CLose Up #2
Brothers walk bikes (graded)
Terry(Shane)& Jeff(Clay) in doorway
Terry(SJ) in field
Terry(Shane) wet & muddy
Terry(Shane) with his mug
Terry(Shane) on the Sat Phone
Terry(Shane) close up in mirror
Terry(Shane) & Sarah  HorseFloat
Terry(Shane) &Jeff(Clay) in house wide
Terry(Shane) & Clock
Terry(Shane)  nightime
Terry & Jeff Bullets
Terry (Shane ) reflects
Sarah Snook CloseUp#1
Sarah Snook on phone
Roger (Kim G) medium
Sarah Snook #2
Rodger(Kim) at the front door
Rodger (Kim) Closeup #2
Mum(Lynette) honks the horn
Mum (Lynette) surprised
Rodger (Kim) closeUp #1
Mum (Lynette) angry
Jeff & Terry  at Bathroom door
Jeff(Clay) & Terry(Shane) suited up
Jeff(Clayton) hides in car
Jeff(Clayton) beaten
Jeff & Terry in their old bedroom
Mum  Terry  confrontation
Brothers SJ & CJ on set
Boys first light (graded)
Jeff (Clayton) Vacumns
Media Stills

“A funny, messed-up and moving tale that's part Greek tragedy, part character-driven theatre piece…. The discovery of the SxSW Festival”

- Rolling Stone, USA


“Brotherly love only goes so far…..  ….a comedy that's blacker than pitch”

- The Hollywood Reporter


“Seething with grit, dark humour and a brotherhood that’s twisted in a dark love…

visceral and stunning, one of the early gems of 2018… highly recommended,  9/10”



“A cleverly constructed, bleakly humorous crime thriller that really gets under your skin…Brothers’ Nest also happens to feature  one of the greatest final lines in cinematic history”

-, San Antonio

* * * *  

“A Coen Brothers comedy…becomes a Hitchcockian thriller… Brothers’ Nest will make you laugh, then hold tight to the armrest of your seat, then ultimately cry”


Trailer & Poster
BROTHERS' NEST Cinema Trailer (2018) HD
BROTHERS' NEST SXSW Teaser #1 (2018) HD
Official Soundtrack by Richard Pleasance
Streamable Here
Australian Cinema Poster
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