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"Well crafted...superb cinematography...excellent music..."

— Huffington Post


Is This The Real World

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7. sean cu detention
15. charlotte meets Sean on bus
15. Greg confronts Sean
3. Sean 'saves' Charlotte
26. fox panda
26 charlotte sean on bed
22. matt in prison
21. 360 and Suzie Porter in car
33. Sean shrugs
Media Stills

"While the performances and writing/direction are undeniably the bedrock of the film, the potency of Is This The Real World comes from its artfully nuanced layers."

- Sophia Watson, FilmInk



"With an eye for the beautiful details in the everyday, this stunning film takes us on an intimate and profoundly moving exploration of family relationships, teen love, rebellion, and the consequences of being afraid to grow up.


Told through the fragmented and heightened senses of a boy on the cusp of manhood, this is a dreamy story about what it means to be alone and how valuable it is to feel connected."

- Jeff Giordano, San Francisco Indie Fest​



"An alienated teenager from a highly dysfunctional family – has a talent for bucking authority...his teenage rebelliousness erupts with catastrophic results. Well crafted...superb cinematography...excellent music."

-​ George Heymont, ​The ​Huffington Post



​"B​eautifully shot, ​with music that picked up Best Score at the Festival, good acting ​– basically what ‘BOYHOOD’ should have been, without the gimmick of realtime ageing. I think anyone can relate to this coming of age film."

- Dennis Keighron-Foster, I Love Manchester 

Trailer & Poster
Is This The Real World Trailer #1 (2016) HD
Is This The Real World Trailer #2 (2016) HD
Is This The Real World | Rapper 360 Teaser
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